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Easy onboarding of team members

Adding multiple team members at one go is easier than ever before. Invite team members in an instant with unique links that help them with quick onboarding and setting up of their SocialPilot account.

Easy onboarding of team members
grant necessary permissions

Assign roles and grant necessary permissions

Manage your social media team’s collaboration efforts by enabling access to different levels such as Admin, Manager and Content Scheduler . Use selective access to assign/limit access for your teammates so they can control only the accounts that they should be working on.

You can also invite freelancers or interns as Content Schedulers to your team.

Streamline Your Workflow

Enable Managers and Content Schedulers to create a workflow where schedulers can seamlessly create, edit & schedule posts while waiting for the required managers/clients approvals necessary for publishing.

Streamline Your Workflow
Collaboration Made Easy

Collaborate effectively with Clients

Experience smooth communication with your team members using SocialPilot’s exclusive features for improved collaboration.

Team members can open dialogue on a particular post and leave comments for the rest of the team to check it out. Team members also have access to all the posts sent back by the clients post feedback, make changes as required and send them back for speedy approvals.

Get Your Social Media Strategy On Point

Leave errors and misunderstandings behind you by having every team member on the same page through SocialPilot’s Social Calendar.

Social Media Strategy
Team Effectively

Scale Your Team Effectively

Add team members to your SocialPilot account by paying only $5 per member or remove them according to your convenience. Manage their workflow efficiently on a budget without having to upgrade your plan if you’ve exceeded your team member add-on limit. Choose a 14-day free trial of our Small Team, Agency or Agency+ plan to enjoy this flexibility. No prepayment required.


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Christopher Conlan, Managing Partner – Habooble, Communications

Their bulk scheduling features are outstanding. They also have a really nice “reporting” system which alerts you if there is a problem with a post or a network error.

Gia Maxwell


Gia Maxwell,
Consulting LLC

Nice to have a dashboard that is almost all-in-one for all my social media needs for my clients. Their customer service has also been very responsive and helpful.

Manage social media effortlessly.

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