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Mike Tufano

Mike Tufano, Elevation Brands

The white-label feature gives credibility to our brand that adds longevity to our relationships with all our clients. From the end user’s perspective, they are dealing with us, they buy from us, they are familiar with our logo, and they trust us.

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Plan for Growing Agencies

$199 .00/mo

Number of Social Accounts
Team Member

Social Networks


Plan for Growing Agencies

$100 .00/mo

Save 15% with annual billing
Number of Social Accounts
Team Member

Social Networks

Scale Your Business with The Perfect Plan

Scaling your business is easy if you have a social media tool that scales with you without putting a strain on your budget. Choose a tool that will make social media automation affordable and efficient for your growing agency.

  • Connect an unlimited number of accounts, RSS feeds, and users with SocialPilot’s add-on purchases.

  • Our cost-effective model makes it easier for you to onboard more clients, team members, and projects without worry.

Get Your Issues Heard & Solved – Instantly

Are you frustrated with Sendible’s tool and getting help is even worse? SocialPilot is known to provide a stellar customer experience on mail, chat, mobile and social. Subscribe to a tool and get a business partner instead.

socialpilot Sendible
Value for Money 4.5 4.5
Good Partner for your Business 9.1


Easy of Use 9.0


Easy of SetUp 8.9


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Use All Premium Features at a Reasonable Price

Say goodbye to paying for each additional feature. SocialPilot’s plans come with all the premium features at the best price. Plus our add-on packages can help you expand your capabilities even further.


socialpilot Sendible
Post Queueing

Simple to use

Complex workflow

Average Time Taken To Publish A Post

Less than 2 minutes

Over 4 minutes

Superior Post Composer

100% Reliable & Error-free posting

Unreliable with multiple posting errors

Social Media Calendar info-icon

Easy to use

Complex and Confusing

Bulk Scheduling info-icon

For Multiple Accounts
at a Time

Only One Account
at a Time

Content Curation info-icon
Customize Posts Each Platform info-icon
Boost Posts info-icon
Audience Targeting info-icon
Schedule Instagram First Comment info-icon
Customize Call to Actions info-icon
Image Editor info-icon
Canva Integration info-icon
UTM Parameter

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All Your Conversations in a Single Inbox

No more switching between tabs, inboxes, or platforms to respond to your fans. Whether you need to respond to comments, DMs, reviews, or story replies, SocialPilot brings all your inboxes to a single space. Don’t miss another unanswered question from your fan again.


socialpilot Sendible
Social Inbox Multiple Inboxes
Reply to Messages and DMs on
Facebook and Instagram
Respond to Story Replies on Instagram
Reply to questions and reviews on
Google Business Profiles
Reply to posts and Mentions on
Facebook and Instagram
Separate Inbox

Work with Your Collaborators to Achieve Your Goals

Monitor the performance and progress of your page with detailed and insightful analytic reports. Schedule your reports to be automatically shared with your team and client. Collaborate with your team members and client for swift approval processes.


socialpilot Agaropulse
Schedule Analytical Reports
Collaboration with Team
Collaboration with Clients Personalised & Secure
Requires External Widget
Content Approval Workflows Easy & Swift Confusing

Better Enterprise Solutions & White Label Plans

Providing the best possible customer experience also means customizing your social media tool to match
your agency’s branding. From onboarding to approval processes, give your clients the personalized
experience with our white label and enterprise solutions

White Labels


  • White Label Capabilities
  • Ready-to-share Downloadable PDF Reports


  • White Label Capabilities
  • Ready-to-share Downloadable PDF Reports (Additional purchase)

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