Frosted Clear Decorative Acrylic Wall Panels

Fusion frosted clear acrylic wall panels come in more than 20 exclusive designs and use a variety of transparent substrates to create a frosted glass look at an attractive price point. The designs range from nature-inspired to minimalist patterns, and you can also customize your own based on another Fusion wall panel design or your own art. When you shop for Frosted Fusion products with Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we'll help you get just the right look for your space!

The clear substrates used for these wall panels include acrylic, and they're easy to install. Panels come in 4-by-8-foot size and a variety of thicknesses. When these materials are combined with beautiful Frosted Fusion designs, the result is decorative acrylic panels that are perfect for dividing a room, creating retail displays, and adding inserts to walkway railings, service counter barriers, and more. These acrylic wall panels are decorative and functional while being visually weightless, so they complement the space without overwhelming it.

Why Buy Frosted Fusion Decorative Acrylic Wall Panels?

  • Perfect for a variety of uses
  • Simple to install
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable
  • Affordable

Clear Wall Panel Substrate Options

Clear wall panel substrates are perfect for installations where the translucent look of glass is desired. All clear Fusion substrates are suitable for use as divider panels, semi-private panels, floating panels, wall coverings, retail displays, and more.


Acrylic has the same reflective quality as glass but is more cost-effective. It's perfect for any display where you want the translucent look of glass. Acrylic sheets are 0.22 inches thick and durable enough to resist impacts and abrasions. Acrylic wall panels are good for bar fronts, elevator walls, retail backdrops, and murals.

LuxCore™ Plus

LuxCore™ Plus translucent panels are easy to clean and great for use in humid environments, such as bathrooms and commercial kitchens. It resists scratching and works well in high-traffic areas. LuxCore Plus panels can be either 0.045 inches, 0.06 inches, or 0.12 inches thick.

Artwork Library

20 Modern Designs Made Exclusively for Frosted Panels

Catalogs & Samples

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